Smoking Martha


"In Deep is one of the best albums I have reviewed so far this year"...(Click on image for full review)


"A special blend of heavy guitar sounds, thundering bass and drums and bluesy rock vocals over clever, well structured and interesting song writing with great stage craft to boot"....(click on image for full review)


"The full length is a culmination of five years of hard work and passion being poured into their collective musical pursuit, their efforts bearing previous fruit in the form of their well-received 2014 debut EP and consistently growing renown as a live force with which to be reckoned".......(CLICK ON PIC FOR ARTICLE)


"Sultry, smoky, chunky and honest, Smoking Martha's forthcoming album In Deep has got everything you'd want from a rock band in 2017"....... (click on image to read full article)


"We're premiering the hectic video clip today before the album - titled In deep - land in May, and the track does a sold job of highlighting the bands rough- edged, raucous rock sensibilities set against the warm but powerful vocals of Tasha D"...............(click image for full article)



"Say You're mine" is an unfathomable lucrative slathering of chunky riffs and smoky vocals; its a slow burner, but more in that it kicks off at 11 and creeps its way to a 15. Shit hits the fan around the half way point - both in the clip and the tune itself - and with a sudden cut to black silence, you're left wondering just what the fuck you witnessed , in the best way possible.....



Seether support (live review)

The night started off with Smoking Martha, a five piece rock outfit from Brisbane. Founded by their leading lady front women with attitude, Tasha D and born for the stage guitarist Mick Broome, the vintage rock inspired band are able to deliver a show that you can pinpoint where their inspirations some from and their spin on the vintage rock 'n'roll genre. The guitar work from Broome is always high in energy and bass player Matty also gets close to the crowd to bring the show to life. Smoking Martha's down and dirty vibe feels like a cross  between the more modern The pretty Reckless and Australia's Divinyls. With a short and sweet set only consisting of five tracks, The band shows potential to be more then just the average pub band.

Amnplify - July 2015

Tasha D's vocals deserve honorable mention, being attractively weathered, smoky and worn, like a painting in an old saloon. She's tough, to be sure,but there is an emotion at the edge of her words, suggesting a tender side. Her pitch is perfect,not content to be some blues bellower. She's got style and technique, and knows what shes going for. In a fair and just world, Tasha would join the ranks of legendary front women.

As Australia succumbs to their winter months, perhaps it is time for them to become serious and contemplative. Let their loss be our gain, as we borrow their spark for summer, and rock the heck out, the next 4 months, with the smokin' Martha EP.

J.Simpson - The Drainage - June 2015

Female fronted rock groups are few and far between, mainly as it takes a powerful voice to compete with a wall of electric guitars. This poses no problem for Tasha D; Her throaty, rasping vocals and wide range enable her to dominate the anthemic raucous chorus, backed by a catchy guitar riff guaranteed to get your head nodding involuntarily.

Even if you weren't blown away by Sweet as Honey as I was, you will be by All Lit Up, which turns the amps up to eleven and proceeds at a lightning pace. Starting with another killer guitar riff, it storms into the verse then finds another gear for the raging chorus, with Tasha D howling "I'm on my knees now...all lit up", as the band go hell for leather. I enjoyed the moody middle section which build to a tumultous climax, leading to a final chorus. It is my personal favourite of the five tracks here.

Fake promises continues the consistently high class songwriting and displays their innate understanding of how to build a track, layering their riffs gradually and making excellent use of dynamics. After the second chorus a short half-time section leads into a blistering guitar solo, all the more effective because not every song contains one, a complaint often levelled at classic rock bands who overuse them.

The momentum and energy carries on with Bad Choices, which is another excellent hybrid of classic and modern rock styles. It features a nice ascending guitar line at the start, then on the punch-the-air chorus we can hear a rolling Sweet Child O' Mine-style riff in the background, which works well with the vocal melody. Loved the femme fatale line "I'm too bad for you to love...", plus the drop-out section where we just here Tasha D's vocals is very effective as a dynamic.

Heavy Heart is a big contrast to the other tracks, a soulful, moody and emotive slow burner of a song, Its the closest they come to a standard ballad, with some surprisingly poetic lyrics: "From the stars in the sky to the dust at your feet...", Tasha delivers a passionate and intense vocal performance with some unexpectedly delicate and intricate guitar lines showing this band is far more then just a supercharged rock 'n roll.

Overall, this is a formidable start to this band's musical output and has already made a strong impact, even beyond their native country. With flawless production, consistently strong songs and few competitors in this genre, (how many good female-fronted rock bands can you think of out there, right now?) they will find it easier to find a niche and media angle then most bands. I think they could become the biggest band to come out of Australia since INXS.

Alex Faulkner - The Faulkner Review May 2015

Off the back of a successful east coast tour, including Wallapalooza, Brisbane / GC outfit Smoking Martha are back. And that's an understatement. This weekend they'll support one of the biggest rock acts to come out of South Africa - Seether.

Smoking Martha's front woman Tasha D commands attention. Its not just the sky-high boots either, Her smouldering vocals and incredible stage presence, are the perfect fit for the band's captivating hooks and they've left reviewers raving about their live shows (not to mention their videos)

Blank GC  - June 2015

Some bands happily tick over; content in the knowledge that music provides a hobby, a happy distraction from their day-to-day existence. Others aspire to greatness, but-despite their talent and enthusiasm - fall frustrating short in the face of a fickle music industry and bad luck.

And then there are those who grab the opportunity by the scruff of the neck and shake it around merciless, as if success was a cats stuffed toy. Once all the stuffing has come out, raw talent and desire crosses over into triumph.

Case in point is Smoking Martha. The Brisbane five-piece has been shaking success firmly by the throat for the last few years, and such dedication to the cause is now finding reward a compliant bedfellow.

Fresh from supporting British rock legends Uriah Heep, Smoking Martha - led by enigmatic front woman Natasha Doherty - are now bringing their raw energy cocktail to the support of Seether, South Africa's preeminent rock export.

If you are limiting yourself to the number of bands worth seeing this year, its time to get out your list, add a new row and insert "Smoking Martha - A Must See!"

West End Magazine - June 2015

Very diverse blend of rock coming out of the amplifiers of Brisbane, Australia's Smoking Martha...I can literally hear this style of music finding a way to capture every fan out there who has a love for classic-rock like kiss, the alt/metal & melodic parts in the music of a band like Tool or the innovation and beauty of the inventive rock from Florence + The machine.

Its pretty well-known that Kiss isn't exactly a reference I enjoy making or a sound I'm looking forward to. That being said...yes..i get it...they provide a kick-ass good-time in rock and get the bodies dancing, moving and shaking their thang. When the opening track "Bad Choices" started out...i honestly wasn't too sure about what I was getting in terms of what this band may or may not be in the songs to follow. It sounds like there's something here...its certainly well-played, yes,but it wasn't until it shifted & changed towards the chorus, It really reminded me of the old-school production they used to use on Maynard James Keenan's voice in the early music of Tool. Absolutely effective...the slight echo alongside Tasha's voice makes this one sound even bigger and the slight tremble in her voice is more like a warning that she's again about to break all-hell straight loose. And she DOES. Delivering a quivering perfection to this performance, the confidence radiates from the microphones as Tasha delivers her lyrics. The Excellent guitar-work and intense drums come crashing back in after quick breakdown as Smoking Martha takes the beginning of their EP by storm.

As they open up the gates and rip on out, Smoking Martha captivates and explodes quickly and spills out of the speakers with energy and style. Cant help but fall in love with Tasha's vocals... they've got grace and incredible confidence in their tone. She can head as far up those scales as needed in any of these songs and overall really packs the punch of emotion required from a powerhouse upfront. "Fake promises" should be all you need to be convinced that this lady isn't here to mess around in this all-out flawless performance that leaves nothing on the studio floor. Nailing this chorus with absolutely incredible ideas and execution...Tasha delivers perfectly while the tight combo of four keep this song on the wonderful adventure it becomes. Huge in every aspect...someone fly me to Australia please so I can watch this song's gotta be a killer!

Apologies to the band for focusing much on Tasha...they might need to get used to that! She is an absolutely astounding display of contained frantic intensity on "Heavy Heart" in the middle of the EP. The incredible band playing along with her certainly never lets her down for a second, they're rock solid through and through and tight as the proverbial 'rab's ass'. Tasha sings this one with the ferocity of a young Eddie Vedder. "Heavy Heart" plays fantastically on the heavy-sides of emotion and carries an incredible weight in both the music and the lyrics...another highlight already after leading the EP with two already...not a bad little average!

They have to be a little careful somewhat. In my opinion, were it not for the diversity that Tasha can bring to the music...sometimes this band might be in trouble and not reaching far enough, Case in point is the music in "All lit up", which of course does provide the same tight rock-edge you'll expect from this crew at this point...but might have ended up sounding very much like any other rock song without incredible powerhouse upfront. The notes she hits on "All lit up" are what making music like this is really about...just soaring, perfect, MASSIVE notes that expand and ring out with raw, bleeding emotion. Inspiring, uplifting...there's no doubt about whether or not the song packs energy, it certainly does multiple-doses...but I think it also speaks to Tasha's ability to reign supreme upon any musical-canvas she might choose to paint her words on. She takes "All Lit Up", a song I'd almost dare say is somewhat 'ordinary'and finds a way to turn the entire song around into an exercise in being extraordinary. 

"Sweet As Honey" end the EP crashing in cymbal crashing delight with a funked-out bass groove driving this sultry, punky last explosion of rock before they sign off. A catchy riff...albeit perhaps a little close to the Wolfmother edge, style and sound the time you figure out the name of the band they remind you of, you'll already realize that you'd rather be listening to Smoking Martha ANYWAY.

Excellent effort here and a huge indication of more excellence to come from this band later on in their career as they continue to grow. With Heart, raw passion and power, precision musicianship and mind blowing vocals...I'd definitely put my money on this band being one to truly watch over these next five years. If this Australian band doesn't find its way to the world in these next years to come....I'd place a healthy bet on the world finding THEM.

Sleepingbagstudios - May 2015



"The video clip for Sweet As Honey is pretty damn amazing smokin' being the operative and over hyped word. Sexy, sultry, teasing, alluring. The song lives up to that vibe in audio mode. It's damn hot and raw and raunchy and ballsy and rockin'.

Tasha's vocals are strong, taunting, daring. Guitarists Mick and Aaron and drummer Pablo are no shrinking violets in the background. Each bring their own guts and power and personalities to the game. Though it is a bit difficult to peel your eyes away from Tasha /Martha in the film clip.

Smoking Martha are eclectic, quirky, raw, gutsy. Punk, pop, rock, skanking razz with a dash of Sweet honey soul".

Carmel E lewis, BLANK GC - Jan 2014.


“As the support act “Smoking Martha” took to the stage, I instantly became aware that I was going to see some incredible talent. Though only formed in the last year, Smoking Martha play as if they’ve been playing together for years, all of the members generating an extraordinary amount of energy which was met with unwavering enthusiasm by the audience. A special mention needs to go out to the lead vocalist Tasha. Tasha powerfully captures the audience’s attention through her incredibly dynamic stage presence, this young woman can own a stage like no other, and once you are drawn in, she keeps your attention with her dark and powerful voice, a voice I can only describe as that of a dominatrix angel.  (Seriously…you need to hear it…stop facebooking right now and check them out).” - May 2013.

“Smoking Martha’s music can best be summed up as featuring divine dips and dives and pulled back riffs that tease before they hit overdrive again. This band is so “no guts – no glory”.   Each of the five members adds their own personality to create this great fusion of music – this band has a stage presence that demands attention.  Tasha knows how to work the crowd – she has a great sense of humour – watch out for Smoking Martha – they are destined to climb the rock and roll ladder. With more experience under their belts, Smoking Martha will definitely become smoking hot. If you want to sample a taste of their music look out for “Bad Choices” and “Ebb of The Tide”.”



Smoking Martha were one of the first acts to thrill the crowd with their raw rock n roll beat and in-your-face melodies. The collaboration of the drums and electric guitar proved to be too much for the crowd to contain, who were on the dance floor in seconds.”

CANDYSHOPTV.COM, February 2013

“Tasha D from Brisbane band Smoking Martha is one of the most talented vocalists I’ve ever had the buzz of seeing perform live.  As someone particularly interested in powerful female musicians, Tasha was an exciting discovery for me. When I first came across Smoking Martha at a mutual gig, I had the sense of watching something big in the making. Here was a bona fide star, the kind that I could see taking not only local, but international, audiences by storm. (And the kind I can imagine would impress even the most critical of vocal reality shows floating around TV, and deservedly so).

 Tasha immediately struck me as a vocal melange of Gwen Stefani, Janis Joplin and Robert Plant…with the stage presence of Cassandra from Wayne’s World. Her tight, polished band has chosen an apt name in ‘Smoking Martha’…their vintage-tinged rock’n'soul performance is a fire that smoulders, warping your senses with waves of heat…sparking, hissing, teasing, and occasionally igniting into a full-blown blaze.”

 “trust me, you’ve gotta see this band perform live…”

HEAVY & WEIRD – January 2013

“Since emerging as one of Brisbane’s newest independent local Rock sensations in early 2012, Smoking Martha has reignited Brisbane’s fading Rock culture – bringing their ‘eclectic rock punk’ sound to clubs and pubs throughout the country – including their recent triumphant performance on October 11 as support act for well-known American Rock bandEverclear.”

LALABAZAAR.COM, November 2012

"Support acts Smoking Martha and Emperors provided more energy and connected with the audience. I had not heard of either of these acts before but would go out of my way to see them again if they were on the bill." 

Dave Callaghan, NEWS UNLIMITED.COM.AU - November 2012

"Kicking the night off though was Brisbane up-and-comers Smoking Martha. Taking the stage just after 8pm the band launched into their 30 minute set filled with plenty of distortion and a very grunge sound.

The band have a strong beat coming from their heavily tattooed and bearded drummer who looks like he’s come straight from a metal band, whilst the raw guitar work from a guitarist who’s face you don’t see due to being completely covered by hair the entire time, reverberates around the room.

However the main highlight here comes from the bands lead frontwoman Tasha D, whose huge powerful voice (think Evanescence’s Amy Lee) holds its own against the screaming guitars to fill every corner of the room."

Chris Condoleon, TONEDEAF - October 2012

“The Sweet’s 1973 hit (Ballroom Blitz) is kind of tough to sing: you’ve got to have humour, gravel, sauce and belt-range all up in your voice to get it right. And if you want to hear it done so right, check out Smoking Martha’s own nightingale Tasha absolutely killing it on the band’s Facebook page. It’s an apposite intro to what you can expect from Smoking Martha’s original wares, which mesh Tasha’s one-of-a-kind voice with dynamic rock ‘n’ roll riffs, electric lead breaks and one enormous metal- and jazz-fuelled drummer named Pablo.”

BEAT MAGAZINE, Melbourne – June 2012