Smoking Martha


Smoking Martha - Tasha D - Vocals, Mick - Guitar, Aaron - Guitar, Jordon - drums, Matty - bass


Aptly named, the only word to describe this group is smokin’. Like the smoldering heat from a well-tended fire, the eclectic rock punk outfit known as Smoking Martha has the intensity to scorch your best shirt but the discretion to spare your eyebrows.

Born of sultry songstress Tasha D and guitarist Mick Broome's combined love of raw rock n roll and passionate music, Smoking Martha united with the help of like minded musos, Azz on rhythm guitar, Matty on Bass and Jordon on drums, one by one complementing their driving electric rock style.

With incredible energetic stage presence from every member "Smoking Martha" have gained new fans far and wide as well as landing international and national supports with, Seether, Uriah Heap, Everclear, Dallas Fransca, Electric Mary and most recently with the original Cherry Bomb herself "Cherie Currie" from The Runaways.

The band has played many Australian iconic venues such as, Melbourne's Corner Hotel, Cherry Bar, Yah Yah's, Vineyard and Geelong's Barwon club. Brisbane's, Eaton's Hill Hotel, The Triffid, The Hifi (Max Watts) The Tivoli, Crowbar, The Zoo, Gold Coast's Coolangatta Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe, Miami tavern and Sydney's famous Frankie's Pizza. And are no strangers to local festivals including, Wallapalooza, The West End festival, Dead of Winter Festival + more.

The Aussie rockers released their 1st EP in 2014, recorded at Airlock Studios with Powderfinger's Ian Haug in the producers seat. The self titled EP featured 5 scorching tracks including the first single "Sweet as Honey" which has had airplay on Rock radio shows worldwide along with killer reviews for the songs sexy and alluring music video. 

Off the back of this success the dynamic 5 piece  have been extremely busy out of the studio as well as in, having recently teamed up with producer "Matt Bartlem" (Jarryd James, Matt Corby, Dead letter Circus) to bring you their highly anticipated new single "Say Your Mine", the 1st taster of what's to come of Smoking Martha's debut album which is due out next year!

Smoking Martha have been shaking success firmly by the throat for the last few years, with Tasha's smoldering vocals and the bands captivating instrumental hooks, Fans have a lot to look forward to!



"With heart, raw passion and power, precision musicianship and mind blowing vocals...I'd definitely put my money on this band being one to truly watch over these next five years. If this Australian band doesn't find its way to the world in these next years to come... I'd place a healthy bet on the world finding THEM"... SLEEPING BAG STUDIOS

“Their vintage-tinged rock’n'soul performance is a fire that smolders, warping your senses with waves of heat…sparking, hissing, teasing, and occasionally igniting into a full-blown blaze." - HEAVY & WEIRD MUSIC BLOG

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"There is something to be said about GOOD female fronted Rock bands: they are few and far between!! With that in mind, it just makes me so much happier when I get to review one of those aforementioned bands, Lets look further.

There are a couple of elements which are crucial when it comes o this style of music, you need a solid groove, this requires the rhythm section to lock in tight with each other, feed off one another and really keep the riff driving along. Check.
Secondly, your frontwoman needs a strong set of pipes. If you were to listen to this without watching the film clip, you would probably assume that the singer is in her late 30's, just kicked a cocaine habit and is drawing her vocal strength and character from a life time of doing shit he hard way (read:fun way. it would then come as an immense shock to find out that she is actually a pretty, petite chick with a passing resemblance to Gwen Stefani (with different coloured hair). Perfect example of the packaging containing much more then you bargained for!

To back up such a strong voice, you require a damn good band. They need to be very well versed when it comes to accentuating vocals, yet not dropping off the map entirely. The blues inspired riffs and unison bends definitely achieve what they set out to achieve. The bass rollicks along, laying down a wonderful tight groove with a gritty tone to match the adventurous fretwork on display. Certainly one of the more impressive bass
performances we've seen here at IPHYB. Not necessarily due to the technicality, but more due to the great feel displayed.

The drums also come to the party with verve. The ebb and flow of intensity is exceptionally well executed. He displays a keen awareness of when to back off too, which is another strong indicator of the overall dynamic awareness par excellence.
So in summary, you have a very well executed piece of straight up rock. The chorus hook is catchy, the verses build up into the focal points very well and there really isn't much to fault."



“It’s rare to find new music that ticks the boxes for me. It’s even rarer to find one with a female lead singer. And it’s cherry on top stuff to find out they not only hail from Australia but from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Enter “Smoking Martha”.

Boasting a bluesy punk rock sound with a strong vocal performance from their smoking hot lead singer (pun intended) these guys have produced a really catchy and enjoyable first track. I’m even prepared to forgive the lack of any notable guitar solo (a rock staple) because the song just rocks along at an enjoyable pace.

But it’s Friday and I’m short of time today (read “I want a beer and the footy’s on soon”) so I’ll let the music do the talking rather than do a full review. Suffice to say I think these guys might have a bright future if they keep releasing this sort of quality music.

Check out their first video “Sweet As Honey” below and if you like it, support this local independent band by purchasing their EP. And don’t forget to like their facebook page as well. I have and it now enjoys a place here on the jukebox.”

“As the support act “Smoking Martha” took to the stage, I instantly became aware that I was going to see some incredible talent. Though only formed in the last year, Smoking Martha play as if they’ve been playing together for years, all of the members generating an extraordinary amount of energy which was met with unwavering enthusiasm by the audience. A special mention needs to go out to the lead vocalist Tasha. Tasha powerfully captures the audience’s attention through her incredibly dynamic stage presence, this young woman can own a stage like no other, and once you are drawn in, she keeps your attention with her dark and powerful voice, a voice I can only describe as that of a dominatrix angel. (Seriously…you need to hear it…stop facebooking right now and check them out).”


“Smoking Martha’s music can best be summed up as featuring divine dips and dives and pulled back riffs that tease before they hit overdrive again. This band is so “no guts – no glory”. Each of the five members adds their own personality to create this great fusion of music – this band has a stage presence that demands attention. Tasha knows how to work the crowd – she has a great sense of humor – watch out for Smoking Martha – they are destined to climb the rock and roll ladder. 



“Smoking Martha were one of the first acts to thrill the crowd with their raw rock n roll beat and in-your-face melodies. The collaboration of the drums and electric guitar proved to be too much for the crowd to contain, who were on the dance floor in seconds.”



“Tasha D from Brisbane band Smoking Martha is one of the most talented vocalists I’ve ever had the buzz of seeing perform live. As someone particularly interested in powerful female musicians, Tasha was an exciting discovery for me. When I first came across Smoking Martha at a mutual gig, I had the sense of watching something big in the making. Here was a bona fide star, the kind that I could see taking not only local, but international, audiences by storm. (And the kind I can imagine would impress even the most critical of vocal reality shows floating around TV, and deservedly so).

Tasha immediately struck me as a vocal melange of Gwen Stefani, Janis Joplin and Robert Plant…with the stage presence of Cassandra from Wayne’s World. Her tight, polished band has chosen an apt name in ‘Smoking Martha’…their vintage-tinged rock’n'soul performance is a fire that smoulders, warping your senses with waves of heat…sparking, hissing, teasing, and occasionally igniting into a full-blown blaze. “trust me, you’ve gotta see this band perform live…”



“Since emerging as one of Brisbane’s newest independent local Rock sensations in early 2012, Smoking Martha has reignited Brisbane’s fading Rock culture – bringing their ‘eclectic rock punk’ sound to clubs and pubs throughout the country – including their recent triumphant performance on October 11 as support act for well-known American Rock band Everclear.”



“The Sweet’s 1973 hit (Ballroom Blitz) is kind of tough to sing: you’ve got to have humor, gravel, sauce and belt-range all up in your voice to get it right. And if you want to hear it done so right, check out Smoking Martha’s own nightingale Tasha absolutely killing it on the band’s Facebook page.